Huntsville Slip And Fall Accident Attorney

What Is A "Slip And Fall" Or "Premises Liability" Case?

These cases generally refer to a property owner's legal responsibility to provide a safe place for guests of their business or property. Furthermore, if they know of or should know of a "dangerous" or "hazardous condition" then property owners in Alabama must remove the hazard or provide their guests with a sufficient warning, commonly a sign, such as a wet floor sign.

Slip And Fall Cases

These are the most common "Premises Liability" cases. These refer to situation wherein a customer of a business slips on some substance that is slippery. In these instances, it is most often from a spill or mopped floors. However, it can also come from uneven flooring, broken stairs, poor lighting, or other tripping hazards that have allowed or been placed in the path of customers.

I've Been Injured in a "Slip and Fall" or "Premises Liability" Case

What Can I Recover?

Common Recoveries Include:

  • Medical Bills and Expenses
  • Lost Income and Wages
  • Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Suffering also called Mental Anguish

How Can Dennis Injury Law Assist?

By calling our Huntsville, AL firm soon after an accident we can ensure that crucial evidence is preserved. One of the most common pieces of evidence that can be lost is the video and this can be critical to proving your case. By calling use immediately this allows us to place the business on legal notice of your intent to assert a personal injury claim and protects your rights.